Contact: David Sunderland, VT Republican Chair
Date: November 21, 2014


Despite Rhetoric Inaction Costs More Vermonters More Money and More Jobs

Montpelier, VT – Newly released preliminary October 2014 data from Vermont’s Department of Labor shows Vermont’s economy remains stagnant.

The number of unemployed Vermonters increased by another 200 last month for a total of 6,000 more unemployed Vermonters since Governor Shumlin first took office — with a state government controlled entirely by Democrats — in January 2011.

In a further sign of continued weakness in Vermont’s economy, the total number of working Vermonters is largely unchanged in the last month. There remains about 2,950 fewer working aged Vermonters participating in our economy than when the Democrats first took control of state government.

Despite the clear signals of a faltering economy — and the continued struggles among Vermont’s working middle class families — Governor Shumlin and the Democrat majority remain steadfast in their advocacy for policies that increase property taxes on Vermonters, drive energy costs up and make our state more unaffordable for young people, seniors and working families alike. Their first proposal after the election was an elitist and regressive “carbon tax” that would dramatically increase the cost of heating homes and filling the family vehicle at the gas pump.

Vermonters’ cast their ballots for change this November. Their voice was clear — they want state policies that grow the economy and provide new opportunities for hardworking Vermonters, and increase wages and take home pay. Vermonters want a state that is more affordable and more welcoming to those who can create new and higher paying jobs — and they want a state government that gets real results in these areas.

The policies of the past — championed by Governor Shumlin and the Democrat majority in the Legislature — have failed Vermonters and are continuing to do so.

Will Democrats turn away from their failed one-party policies of the past and join Vermont Republicans in crafting legislation to reform state government, grow the economy and create jobs?

Vermonters are waiting and watching.