Date: March 11, 2014




Governor Jokes About His Plans for a $2-Billion Tax Increase on Vermonters


Montpelier, Vt. — This week, Governor Peter Shumlin announced yet another delay in the unveiling of the financing strategy for his government run, taxpayer financed health care plans. Vermont’s health care law mandated that Governor Shumlin reveal his financing plan in January of 2013. He chose not to obey that part of the law and ignored the deadline, saying that he would reveal his plans to the legislature prior to the legislative adjournment this year. This week, he reneged on that promise to Vermonters as well.


Vermont Republican Party Chair David Sunderland said, “By ignoring the statutory deadlines — and his own promises — for disclosure of his financing plans, Governor Shumlin is denying Vermonters the right to engage in the discussion about the largest tax hike ever proposed in Vermont.” He continued, “Vermonters are right to question their willingness to place trust for their healthcare decisions in the hands of Montpelier bureaucrats when they experience such flippant disregard for promises made — and flauntings of already established law — by those same bureaucrats.”


In a press conference this week, Governor Shumlin refused to even hint at what his plans might be for taxing Vermonters to fund the estimated $2-billion government run healthcare price tag. When he refused to acknowledge that a massive payroll tax increase would be part of the plan, he was asked if he could name two other tax hikes that might be included. He answered, “Sure, bubble gum and lollipops.” (Morgan True, Shumlin: Green Mountain Care Financing Options Not Ready for Prime Time, March 10, 2014,

“Arrogant, disconnected, and callous,” Chair Sunderland used those words to describe Governor Peter Shumlin’s response to the reporter’s question. “Governor Shumlin should immediately apologize to the reporter and all Vermonters for his insensitive dismissal of a legitimate question that deserved an honest and straightforward answer.” He concluded by saying, “The repeated delays are clearly an attempt by this administration to avoid dealing with difficult and controversial issues in election years and Vermonters deserve more than that from their government.”


It’s time for Governor Shumlin to honor his commitments, keep his promises, and put people ahead of politics.


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