April 14, 2014



…and He Once Again Fails to Commit to Funding


Montpelier, Vt. —  It’s becoming monotonous.

First, for the past year Governor Shumlin has failed to follow settled law and reveal the funding strategy for his government-run, taxpayer funded, 2-billion dollar healthcare plans.  He was directed by law to submit his plans to the legislature by January 2013 — Vermonters are still waiting.

Second, late last month the Governor refused to reveal his cleanup plan for algae clogged Lake Champlain — and the funding strategy for the plan — which was required by legislation to be revealed by April 15, 2014.  In fact, the Governor has said he has no plans to comply with the law before this fall — at least.

Now, Governor Shumlin is refusing to set aside dedicated funding for the new economic development tools proposed today.  While his words sound positive — “Vermont Enterprise Incentive Fund” and “Vermont Entrepreneurial Lending Program” — they once again amount to hollow rhetoric, lacking any assured commitment of funding.  Instead, Governor Shumlin has said that the required revenues for these programs “…will come from an allocation of the first $5 million of any unanticipated revenues for the current fiscal year ending June 30.”  Basically, he has told Vermonters that — after he has spent their tax money on his higher priority projects — he will give some of whatever might be leftover to promoting job growth and economic development in Vermont.

“This is a slap in the face to the 700-hundred plus Vermonters who have lost their jobs in our state over the past several months,” Vermont Republican Party Chair David Sunderland said today, “Vermonters are hurting, more jobs are threatened, and clear and decisive leadership is required — not more empty promises.  Our state’s economy is in crisis.  It’s alarming that Governor Shumlin doesn’t recognize the crisis and continues to refuse to give it any priority.  Jobs and economic development need to be the main course of the Governor’s agenda, not the leftovers.”


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