Outlook for 2015 is Bleak as Huge Democrat Deficit Looms

Montpelier, VT –  Vermont’s Department of Labor — controlled for the last 4 years by the Democrats — recently released its report on the status of jobs, unemployment and workforce for November 2014.

The underlying message of this report remains unchanged from previous reports.  Vermont’s economy is stagnant, there is little to no job growth, middle class Vermonters are hurting and they have little reason to hope for expanded opportunities in the near future — especially with the same proponents of the policies of the past in power.

While Governor Shumlin and his Democrat majority in the Legislature continue to mislead Vermonters by boasting about Vermont’s relatively “low” unemployment rate, the impacts of the real Democrat economy continue to be felt by seniors, young people, working families and small business owners.

The absence of a coherent, statewide economic development proposal from Governor Shumlin or the Democrats in the Legislature has left us with virtually no change in the number of employed Vermonters in 2014 — while the number of unemployed Vermonters has increased by over 1,300 in that same time period.

As of December 1st, Vermont’s workforce had shrunk by over 8,000 people since the Democrats first took one party control of state government in 2011.  These aren’t just numbers — they are Vermonters who have either retired and not been replaced by younger workers entering the workforce, left the state to look for jobs elsewhere, or given up trying to find work in Vermont’s liberal economy.  In all cases, they are not earning wages, buying goods, or paying taxes to support the essential services of state government.

Making matters worse for Vermonters are the destructive policies that Governor Shumlin and the Democrat majority in Montpelier continue to insist will make things better — despite years of evidence to the contrary.

Their out-of-the-mainstream energy policies have taken us from a state with some of the most reasonably priced energy, and lowest carbon footprint, in the country to one with one of the highest energy cost and per capita emissions — impacting everyone from homeowners to senior citizens to business operators.

Their mismanagement of our state’s finances has resulted in a crisis of affordability that has become increasingly unbearable for our seniors, working families and young people.

Their complete denial of a crisis in our education funding policies — and their refusal to tackle the issue with courage and transparency — has driven the property tax burden of all Vermonters past the breaking point.  And now they expect Vermonters to believe their election year conversion.

The combined result of the incompetence and mismanagement of the Shumlin administration and Democrat majority in the Legislature is only now being fully realized.  And the worst is yet to come.

Projections for the New Year are already showing a $100-million deficit in the state budget.  State revenue projections have consistently been downgraded over the past year causing continued, but still insufficient, budgets cuts — and more recently, calls for broad based tax increases from Governor Shumlin who clearly isn’t up to the challenge of managing a state budget or leading a state government.

Undoubtedly, Governor Shumlin and the Democrat majority in the Legislature will ask all Vermonters — working families, seniors, young people and our job creating business owners — to pay even more while getting ever less.  And our state’s affordability crisis will continue to deepen.

Combine this economic crisis with the stunning mismanagement of Vermont’s health care exchange, a misguided and expensive foray into a radical, government run, taxpayer funded, single payer health care scheme — which was eventually abandoned after spending over $100-million taxpayer dollars — and a Governor who was out of state about 25-percent of his time in office raising money for political cronies and the Vermont Republican Party is clearly more than justified in its concerns for our state’s future.

In November, Vermonters sent a loud and clear message to Montpelier.  They casts their votes for change and a new direction.  Vermont Republicans are ready to bring new ideas, fresh voices and leadership that listens to Montpelier.  To ease our current crisis and bring long term stability and affordability to Vermonters, however, will require the support of moderate Democrats and Independents in the Legislature.

It is exactly this type of bipartisanship and cooperation that Vermonters demanded in November and it is what Vermont Republicans are offering.   Please join us in our continued campaign for change.  Learn more at