May 30, 2014


Vermonters Deserve an Explanation from U.S. Senator Sanders

Montpelier, Vt. —  Vermont GOP Chairman David Sunderland issued the following statement calling on Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to come clean about what he knew about the VA scandal:

“The revelation that thousands of veterans were denied the care they earned in the service of this country while languishing on secret wait lists is a national disgrace. As it turns out, this corruption was systemic throughout the VA system and designed for sole purpose of handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses and making it appear as if the Obama Administration was fulfilling its pledge to reduce the backlog.

“But as Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, charged with oversight of this government agency, Senator Bernie Sanders bears responsibility. Just as the American people are right to demand answers from the Administration and the leadership at the VA, they deserve to know what Senator Sanders knew, when he knew it, and why he failed to bring this matter to light.

“It was, therefore, reprehensible for Senator Sanders to have abused his Senate privilege to block a bipartisan reform bill that passed the House of Representatives with 390 votes that would have brought much needed accountability to the VA. Senator Sanders owes Vermonters and the American people a full accounting of what he knew and when, he owes our Veterans a vote on the legislation he blocked, and he owes each and every veteran an apology.”



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