June 3, 2014




Another 36 Jobs Lost in Bennington County


Montpelier, Vt. — As the policies of Governor Shumlin and the Democrat supermajority

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in the State Legislature continue to lead us in the wrong economic direction, there is fresh news that Bennington County will take yet another hit.

TE Connectivity, a company that designs and manufactures electrical connectors, announced recently that it will close its North Bennington plant and move its jobs elsewhere where greater efficiencies can be realized for the company (WCAX.com, TE Connectivity Closing North Bennington Facility, June 1, 2014). In this most recent plant closing, 36 good jobs will be lost. Bennington County has already lost 143 good paying jobs this year when Plasan Carbon Composites decided to close its Bennington County plant and move those jobs to its Michigan facility.

These job losses are the direct result of the unbalanced Democrat supermajority in the state Legislature and the failure of Governor Shumlin to rethink his support for policies that continue to increase the cost of living and doing business in Vermont. Our state continues to experience rising energy costs, taxes and fees, and seemingly endless regulatory and bureaucratic mandates.

Meanwhile, Governor Shumlin continues to raise money for his own reelection campaign as well as that of other Democrat governors around the country. Just last week, Governor Shumlin was out of the state on a two-day junket in Connecticut to raise money for the Democratic Governors Association, an organization that he chairs. Once arriving back in Vermont, he then held a personal reelection fundraiser with financial donors and lobbyists (Paul Heintz, Shumlin Hits Up Lobbyists for Campaign Fundraiser, Seven Days, May 29, 2014). While he was putting politics first, another valued and much needed employer was preparing to close up shop in Bennington County for good.

It’s time for a change. Vermont Republicans will bring our message of economic growth, new job opportunities, and a more balanced and affordable state directly to Vermonters’ doorstep this summer. With fresh ideas and a new energy, we will proudly offer Vermonters new choices and real reforms that will get results for the working families of our state.


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