Date: February 27, 2014





Montpelier, Vt. — Last week it was Plasan Carbon Composites in Bennington County moving 143 good paying jobs to Michigan.  This week, it is IBM in Chittenden County shedding another 100+ jobs after a loss of 419 jobs at that plant last year.  It is clear the economic troubles in Vermont are deepening.  What is also clear is that there is absolutely no economic development plan from Governor Peter Shumlin to reverse that trend.


Governor Shumlin refuses to recognize the depth and breadth of Vermont’s economic woes.  In 2013, the size of Vermont’s workforce dropped by about 3,300 people.  These are people who left the state, retired and were not replaced by younger workers entering the workforce, or simply quit trying to find work.  While this helps to make Vermont’s unemployment percentage appear less bleak, it is an ominous sign for our state’s economic future.


This is happening under the watch of Governor Shumlin.  While he travels out of state to collect checks  for the Democratic Governors Association, Vermonters are fighting for the jobs that provide their weekly paychecks.  While he travels out of state to attend White House state dinners, Vermonters worry about where their next dinner might come from.  While their Governor appears on national news talk shows, Vermonters watch their local news and learn of even more job losses in their state.


“It’s time for Governor Shumlin to realize that our state is in crisis.” Vermont Republican Party Chair David Sunderland said,  “He needs to get off the campaign trail in other states and commit himself and his entire administration to working on short term and long term solutions for the economic problems that exist right here at home.  Vermonters are dealing with these issues everyday, so should their governor.”


The policies of the Shumlin Administration are clearly not working and Vermonters are feeling the pinch.  Our governor needs to start listening to — and partnering with — those in our state who can create jobs and improve the lives of everyday Vermonters.  “We call on Governor Shumlin to take immediate action that will ease the burden on Vermont’s businesses and individuals by; reducing Vermont’s tax burden to encourage growth, easing Vermont’s regulatory burden by reducing bureaucratic red tape, and lowering our state’s energy costs for individuals and small businesses,” said Chairman Sunderland, “this is the type of reform that has proven time and again to be effective and has been decidedly absent from this administration.”



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