Vermonters’ Message from 2014 Elections Completely Ignored by Governor & Majority

Montpelier, VT – Just 7 months ago, Gov. Peter Shumlin said, “I got the message.”

He said he would change his ways following the 2014 election — when Republicans picked up nearly a dozen seats in the Legislature and he nearly lost to Republican Scott Milne.

Similar promises were made by House speaker Shap Smith and multiple members of his large majority.

With total, one-party control of state government going into its 5th year, Vermonters expected the governor and legislature would make real, transformative and lasting change in their approach to economic growth, taxes, budgeting and the all around management of state government.

After all, they said they got the message…

So, what change did Vermonters get?


Sadly, all the Democrats offered was more of the same.

Governor Shumlin, House Speaker Shap Smith and their team of Democrats controlling all of state government championed yet another state budget that grows spending faster than the growth in your paycheck and faster than revenues being generated by the underlying economy.

They raised tens of millions more in new and higher taxes and fees and provided no meaningful relief to the state’s crushing property tax formula.

And they doubled down on their support for outdated and inefficient systems and programs in state government that care more about how much their spending, than they do about the results they are getting.

In fact, even before they adjourned they were aware they would likely face another $70 million budget deficit when they return in January. Yet, you’ll hear Governor Shumlin and Shap Smith claim the budget is “balanced.”

Make no mistake, they may have heard you last November — but it’s obvious they weren’t really listening. There has never been better evidence that the Democrat solution to Vermont’s challenges is to just keep doing what we’ve been doing. That means reaching deeper into your wallet, taxing more Vermonters — and good jobs — out of the state, and mortgaging our children’s economic future.

In stark contrast, Republicans in the legislature were fighting for a sustainable budget, a lower cost of living and economic development legislation that would inspire innovation and grow Vermont’s economy.

Vermont Republicans are listening — and we hear you. We will maintain our laser-like focus on growing Vermont’s economy and ensuring that our state is a place where small businesses — and jobs — can be nurtured and grow.

We will remain relentless in our pursuit of reasonable, common-senses ideas that make our state more affordable — no matter how strongly change is opposed by Governor Shumlin, Shap Smith and their Democrat majority in Montpelier.

We’re going to continue our work to bring more balance to Montpelier and a brighter economic future to Vermont.

If you’re ready for real, positive change. Join us today.