Montpelier, VT – Revitalizing hope and opportunity in America requires leadership that unites our country.

At this moment in our history, the big government policies Senator Sanders champions are in fact destroying the middle class, the freedom and liberty of every American and deepening our cultural and racial divides.

Nevertheless, the self proclaimed socialist has made the same claims for years. Now, as a candidate for president, those claims will be subject to the scrutiny of the national press corps. For example, the Des Moines Register recently called Sen. Sanders out for his customary half-truths.

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Sen. Sanders is clearly gearing up to wage a campaign that divides us — pitting American against American. But Americans know the difference between passion and volatile, unpredictable anger. We also know that the louder a politician yells, the more likely their statements are to be false and baseless.

Vermont Republicans believe in freedom, liberty and opportunity for everyone. We believe in a government that is by our side, not on our backs. And we believe success should be celebrated and encouraged — not demonized and exploited by a political bogeyman.

America deserves better than the class warfare scare tactics Senator Sanders will use to advance his big government agenda — the same agenda that has trapped millions of Americans in poverty and despair.