GOP Nominees Give Vermonters a Choice for Change

Montpelier, VT – In nominating Phil Scott for Governor, Randy Brock for Lt. Governor, Deb Bucknam for Attorney General and Dan Feliciano for Auditor, Vermont Republicans have provided Vermonters with a strong and clear choice for change in Montpelier. Together, our candidates offer a bold, new and fresh vision for building a stronger economy, removing current obstacles to job creation and finally addressing Vermont’s crushing crisis of affordability.

Our gubernatorial primary was fought with vigor and an intensity that reflected the gravity of our state’s current challenges. We thank Bruce Lisman for the passion of his campaign, his deep love for our state and his conviction to make Vermont an even better place to live, work and raise a family. We look forward to Bruce continuing to be a strong voice in the conversation about a brighter future for our state.

In November, Vermonters will have a clear choice to break from the failed “old government” policies of the past and choose truly new leadership and a new direction. After 6-years of out-of-balance Vermont Democrat single party rule, already struggling Vermonters have been saddled with $300-million in increased taxes and fees, structurally deficient state budgets and the aftermath of failed experimental policies that have cost them thousands of jobs and millions of dollars.

There is no doubt that Sue Minter and the remainder of the Vermont Democrats’ nominees — all mentored by Governor Peter Shumlin — will hold firmly to these same failed policies of the past, albeit with shiny new slogans paid for with hundreds of thousands of dollars of out-of-state special interest money. But we know Vermonters deserve so much more.

With our choices made and our voices heard, it is now time to get to the work of providing our nominees with all the support they need for the general election. This is essential to assure that Vermonters get the type of bold new change they need.

It is time to unite and support our candidates with one voice.

No doubt, the well funded Shumlin-era Democrats will fight with tenacity to maintain their lopsided, single party rule. But with Republican unity and a strong vision for our state’s future, Vermont Republicans offer Vermonters a choice for a new direction — a more balanced, reasonable, common sense direction.

It’s time for a change.