First Interactive Initiative is Online Petition to Stop the Democrat’s Proposed Gas and Heating Fuel Tax

Berlin, VT – With a little more than a year until Election Day, the Vermont Republican Party has launched a new website to highlight Vermont’s deepening affordability crisis and their actions to reverse it.

The new website, will shine a bright light on skyrocketing costs, unsustainable spending, poor management and unfunded mandates driving up poverty rates and forcing more Vermonters out of state in search of more affordable opportunities in other areas.  

It will also highlight Republican proposals to address these challenges, grow the economy and make all of Vermont more affordable and attractive to working families again — and provide a forum for Vermonters to engage in the effort to move Vermont, and our economy, forward.

Caution Sign - Gas Tax Increase Ahead

The website currently hosts an online version of a petition being distributed across the state to stop the Democrats’ proposed 88-cent per gallon tax hike on gasoline and home heating fuels.  This regressive tax proposal — further evidence that Democrats aren’t listening — has outraged many working families and small businesses owners, who are already overtaxed.

“This website is a place where Vermonters can learn what total Democrat control of state government is really doing to Vermont and the balanced, common sense alternatives Republicans offer to these failed policies of the past,” said Dave Sunderland, Chair of the Vermont Republican Party. “While Democrats always talk a completely different, pro-growth game on the campaign trail, Vermonters have woken up to the reality that the impact of one party rule is exactly the opposite.”