For Immediate Release
Contact: Dave Sunderland, Chair VT Republicans
February 16, 2015

Daily Highlights of the Fiscal Facts Democrats Don’t Want YOU to Know

Montpelier, VT. –  The VTGOP this week will be highlighting the top 5 fiscal facts that Democrats in Montpelier don’t want Vermont’s voters to know, party chairman David Sunderland announced today.

“Democrats in Montpelier have controlled the budget for 6 years and all of state government for 4 years, yet they would have Vermonters believe that our rising cost of living and stagnant, perhaps worsening, economy is out of their hands or somehow someone else’s fault,” Sunderland said. “They ignore the impacts of their budget decisions, unwillingness to address property taxes and policies in areas like energy and healthcare that pile costs onto already overburden Vermonters.  We’re going to devote this week to highlighting the 5 fiscal facts about the Peter Shumlin-Shap Smith economy that Democrats in Montpelier work hard to sugarcoat or cover up.”