For Immediate Release
December 8, 2015


Montpelier, VT – The Vermont Republican Party is fully committed to bringing balanced, reasonable, common sense leadership to Montpelier. Achieving this goal is crucial for Vermonters who expect and deserve a state with a vibrant and growing economy, a job market that offers new and improved opportunities for working Vermonters and tax burdens that are both reasonable and affordable for our young people, seniors and small businesses.

These are critical Vermont issues that have been largely overlooked — or deliberately ignored — by Governor Shumlin and his Democrat majority for the past five years while they have had complete control of state government. As much as Vermont Democrats try to distract from their failures on these issues that matter most to Vermonters, we will continue to focus like a laser on them.

The upcoming presidential campaign is also crucial for the future of our country. The very direction and character of our nation is at stake.

We trust the primary process and Vermont Republican voters to select a presidential nominee who supports our constitution, America’s sacred freedoms, Vermont values and who leads with both character and integrity.