November 25, 2013
For Immediate Release

Vermont Health Connect

MONTPELIER – Vermont House Republican Caucus leader, Rep. Don Turner (R-Milton) issued the following statement in regard to the misinformation shared to House Healthcare Committee members during a meeting on November 5, 2013 by Department of Vermont Health Access Commissioner Mark Larson pertaining to a security breach of the health exchange known as Vermont Health Connect:

“I am very disappointed that Commissioner Larson a former member of the legislature would lie in his response to a question from a member of my caucus. Rep Mary Morrissey and other members of our caucus have sought answers to many tough healthcare reform questions over the years and up until now, whether we liked the response or not, we at least believed that we were getting truthful responses. This incident undermines Commissioner Larson’s credibility and as a result I hope that there are serious consequences for his action.” said House Minority Leader Don Turner.

Rep. Mary Morrissey R-Bennington had this to say” All Vermonter’s deserve honest and transparent answers to the numerous questions and concerns they have had in regards to the roll out of our healthcare exchange. I am extremely disappointed in what has occurred. “

It is our job to ask the tough questions and we are entitled to truthful responses. We remain deeply concerned that this system is not working as expected, security has been breached and now we can’t trust the information we are receiving. It is unacceptable that we now have to question the authenticity of the information we are receiving from the Shumlin Administration.

“Our goal remains to continue shedding light on the fact that the administration of Governor Peter Shumlin is willing to force his health care reform experiment “Shumlincare”on Vermonters with no regard to the truth, how much it is going to cost or how much damage is done to the state in the process.” said House Minority Leader Don Turner.


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