May 9, 2014




National Magazine Ranks Vermont Among the Worst States for Business


Montpelier, Vt. — At a time when Vermonters are losing their jobs in all corners of our state, there is now fresh information indicating that our ability to attract new employers — and retain our existing ones — is among the weakest in the nation. With a stagnant economy that has still not recovered from the recession and a workforce that has shrunk by over 8,000 Vermonters since Governor Shumlin took office, this news could hardly come at a worse time.


Chief Executive magazine evaluated all 50 states in several categories including; taxes and regulation, unemployment rate, state government debt, number of government employees per capita, and state and local tax burden (JP Donlon, 2014 Best and Worst States for Business, Chief Executive, May 8, 2014). Among all the 50 states, Vermont ranks only 39th.


This is another deeply troubling sign of the impacts of the Shumlin economy — and the policies his Democrat supermajority in the state legislature pass — on the working class families of our state. It’s also a clear indicator that more balance, and a change in executive leadership, is urgently needed in Montpelier.


With the total number of employed Vermonters virtually unchanged since January 2011 when Governor Shumlin took office, Vermont is missing out on the recovery and families are falling behind. The news of employers leaving our state, reducing their presence in Vermont, or shutting down completely is becoming more regular and the failed policies of the Shumlin administration are creating an environment that won’t welcome new employers to replace them.


Unfortunately, it is individual Vermonters who pay the price for these failed policies. Yet, even when faced with these clear facts, the Shumlin administration and the Democrat supermajority in the legislature keep leading us down that same worn path, pushing the same failed policies of the past.


Vermonters work hard. In return for that work, they are entitled to have a state government that is working to make Vermont more affordable so their families can be more economically secure.


With more Vermont Republican leadership elected in November, we will renew our investment in job growth, bring a fresh pro-growth focus on creating an environment that welcomes responsible, Vermont friendly businesses and work to make Vermont more affordable for working families.


Vermont’s Republican candidates are prepared to get our state’s economy back on track, grow our economy, and bring prosperity back to Vermont’s struggling families.


It’s time for positive change and real economic leadership — and that’s what this election is going to be about for the Vermont Republican party.


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