April 23, 2014





Montpelier, Vt. —  Clearly, the end of the legislative session is near — and it’s an election year.

After years of telling Vermonters there is nothing better than government run, taxpayer funded, single-payer health care where politicians and bureaucrats make your healthcare decisions (and refusing to release details on how much it will cost each of us and what will be covered), Democrats in the Vermont Legislature are now suddenly open to the idea of alternatives.

The Democrat controlled Legislature’s healthcare advisor has suddenly offered Democrat’s some alternatives to complete government control of your healthcare (Peter Hirschfeld, Legislative Memo Outlines Single-Payer Alternative, VPR.net, April 15, 2014).

For nearly five years now, (four years of legislative sessions and his first campaign for governor) Governor Shumlin and the Democrat supermajority in the Legislature have told us the reason for high health insurance costs is administrative waste.  Their solution — the only feasible solution in their eyes — was to replace the entire system with a $2 billion government run model.

In more than four years of insisting this is the best course, no further details of their plan have ever been offered.  They’ve steadfastly refused to answer these basic questions:

  • – Who will be covered?
  • – What would your health care plan look like?
  • – Who would decide the level of coverage and what procedures are covered?
  • – How would doctors and hospitals be reimbursed for services and who would decide how much?
  • – How are they going to contain costs–and improve quality–without rationing it by allowing the government to decide who gets care and when?
  • – And, how much would this radical scheme cost the taxpayers of Vermont?


And what has their effort resulted in?  Higher costs, mismanagement of the new healthcare exchange and more uninsured Vermonters.

With these results in mind, they suddenly have alternatives being proposed.   Unfortunately, and not surprisingly, there are no details offered for these alternatives either.  The reason is obvious:  It’s all smoke and mirrors.

This is clearly a political ploy to once again pull the wool over Vermonters’ eyes, create the illusion that they’re making progress and side step the most important questions.

Vermonters will see this for what it is:  It’s another election year maneuver designed to secure Democrat’s political power in Montpelier, not an effort to make healthcare affordable and accessible to every Vermonter.  They’ve had more than 4 years to achieve this goal — and we’ve moved backward, not forward.   It’s time for a change.

Vermont’s Republican candidates look forward to offering Vermonters detailed healthcare reforms in the upcoming campaign, so Vermonters can have a clear choice between real reforms and a plan the Democrats can’t explain or don’t want you to know about.


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