Vermont Democrats Refuse to Protect — and Respect — Free Speech

Montpelier, VT – It’s unethical, juvenile, sophomoric and counter to the tenets of democracy and free speech that all Vermonters cherish. It’s also an action that — so far — the Vermont Democrats have failed to condemn.

Vermont Democrat Windham County Chair — Mr. Brandon Bantham — today issued a post on social media encouraging people to remove lawn signs placed by supporters of Republican presidential candidate John Kasich.

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The Vermont Republican Party immediately called for the Vermont Democrats to condemn this action by one of their own and remove him from his position of authority within their party. By mid-afternoon there was no condemnation or any other visible action taken by the political party — or any of its candidates — that has enjoyed virtually unchecked single party rule in Vermont for more than 5-years.

Vermont Republican Chair David Sunderland issued the following statement in reaction to the posting and the inaction by the Vermont Democrats:

“The actions of Mr. Brantham — who was the campaign manager for a current Democrat statewide candidate and an office holder in the Vermont Young Democrats organization, in addition to his County Chairmanship — embodies the often displayed arrogance of Vermont Democrats who don’t believe the rules apply to them. With complete control of state government, they take Vermonters and their votes for granted. In addition, their actions are a clear affront to the very value of free speech that all Vermonters hold dear. The lack of response from the Vermont Democrats is as telling as it is disappointing. Vermonters deserve better than this from their leaders.”

After more than five years of single party Democrat control of state government — and the resulting lack of job growth, stagnant economy, skyrocketing spending and out of control tax hikes — it’s past time for responsible leadership on the issues that matter most to Vermonters. Our young people, seniors and working families want and deserve bold new leadership that respects them, listens to them and works diligently to create a Vermont that grows opportunities and jobs — and makes our state more affordable for all who live here.

That’s the type of responsible leadership Vermont Republicans are offering.

It’s time for a change.