VT Democrats Have Failed to Contain Healthcare Costs
Healthcare spending climbs more than 20% under one-party Democrat rule

Montpelier, Vt. — The Vermont Republican Party’s Executive Director Jeff Bartley today issued the following statement on the 20 percent increase in healthcare spending in the last six years of one-party rule:

“Vermont’s Democrat Party has had total control of state government for six years, and total control of the Legislature since 2005. Over the last six years of one party rule, healthcare spending has grown by more than 20 percent – from approximately $4.7 billion to nearly $6 billion – and it keeps climbing. The Democrat’s top-down strategy and healthcare experiments have done nothing but create higher healthcare costs, more regulation and fewer affordable choices. The Democrat’s healthcare strategy has completely failed Vermont’s families, businesses and economy.

“The Democrat policies have also promoted consolidation – and ever expanding, and expensive, government bureaucracies and red tape – at the expense of independent physician practices and local choices for patients.

“Underpinning many of the Democrat’s most expensive policies is a ‘bigger is better,’ one-size-fits all approach that favors special interests and monopolies over a vibrant competitive economy and local, independent options.

“Every day that passes under their healthcare model it gets more and more difficult for small community hospitals and independent practices to thrive – and more likely that the big monopolies will gobble them up.

“Vermonters are tired of one party rule and know we cannot afford to continue these failed policies.”


For additional information on healthcare spending: http://gmcboard.vermont.gov/sites/gmcb/files/files/resources/reports/2014_EA_April_2016.pdf