Dear Friends,
As most of you know by now, our Chair Jack Lindley, is continuing to recover at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Hanover, NH. Please continue to keep Jack, his wife Lynn, and the entire Lindley family in your thoughts and prayers.
We have had an outpouring of support for Jack from all over the country. The family truly appreciates your kind words as they go through this challenging time. If you would like to send your regards to the family we are collecting cards at our office at: P.O. Box 70, Montpelier, VT 05601.
By now, most Town Caucuses have been held and we are receiving the forms in the mail. Marty is doing an outstanding job in leading this effort. With the help of volunteers, we are working on making sure all the information is correct and inputting this information to compose our new “Blue Book” of all active members of our State Party. We are encouraged by the number of towns who participated and the significant amount of new people signing up to be a part of the grassroots teams we are building. It is going to take us all to fight back against the super-majority in Montpelier if we are to be successful in securing a brighter future for Vermonters.


In Case You Missed It:


Gun Grabbers Vermont:


Please take the time to read this commentary by Eddie Garcia, a radio announcer who lives in St Johnsbury. He has long been blogging political issues in Vermont, generally from a left leaning perspective, and is a contributing editor at, and a founder of, Green Mountain Daily. He is also an administrator of Vermonters for the Second Amendment, a coalition of gun rights advocates.


Gun Grabbers International:


This morning Sec. of State John Kerry signed the UN arms treaty, which as described, “directly threatens the Second Amendment rights and privacy of American gun owners,” Chris W. Cox, director of the NRA’s legislative branch wrote in a statement. “Signing this treaty would be a clear indication that President Obama wants to resurrect his failed attempt to implement back door gun registration. It would also show his clear contempt for American supremacy and sovereignty.”


Do you want the government knocking on your door to register the shotgun your Grandfather gave you? We don’t, and we know the majority of Vermonters don’t either.


Healthcare Update:


On October 1st the Healthcare Exchange is supposed to open to registration. Although we are expecting more delays and more “nothing burgers” from our Governor, we are hopeful Republican’s in the US House and Senate are successful in shedding light on the unintended consequences of the implementation of the “Affordable Care Act” (ACA). One assumption people point out is that “most people are in favor of ACA.” Facts suggest otherwise. Please take a look at the numbers of people who are in support and oppose ACA.


In the News:


Our Senators and Representative from Vermont, who make a combined salary of around $541,000 annually from you, the taxpayer, are pointing fingers at the Republicans for a possible “government shutdown”. Sen. Sanders is using his government website to rally against the Texas Republican Party, for some reason, and we all gave our
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two cents to VPR.


Upcoming Events:

Breakfast With the Castleton Republicans:
You are invited to join us for our quarterly breakfast buffet as we welcome Dr. Daniel McCauliffe who will present information and insights concerning the transition of Vermont’s health care, starting in 2014 through 2017, from Obamacare to a single payer system.
Cost – $10, Value – Priceless!
RSVP by Oct 3 to Al at 273-3954 or


Thank you for your continued support for the Lindley family and the Vermont Republican Party as we are going through this challenging time. We will continue to be resilient in the face of challenge and, like Jack, continue to fight the good fight.


Best regards,


Deborah Bucknam


Vermont Republican Party

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