Democrats Bullying Businesses and Feathering Their Nests

Montpelier, Vt. – Vermont Democrats have already forgotten the clear message sent to them by mainstream Vermonters in November.

While Vermonters asked for a laser focus on revitalizing our stagnant economy and reducing our growing costs of living, Vermont Democrats have instead chosen to fight job creators while proposing new legislation to pad their own pockets at the expense of Vermont’s struggling taxpayers.

Tim-Ashe-for-Mayor1-150x150BULLYING BUSINESSES
This week, Democrat Senator Tim Ashe (Progressive/Democrat-Chittenden County) sent an anti-business, anti-growth letter to seven of Vermont’s leading ski areas threatening them with legislative action if they don’t agree to renegotiate land leases which were agreed to years ago and are legally binding.  (You can read Sen. Ashe’s actual letter by visiting the Vermont Press Bureau story — CLICK HERE).

These businesses employ thousands of Vermonters, attract millions of visits each year, raise tens of millions of dollars in revenue for the state through lease payments, rooms and meals taxes and sales taxes; and hundreds of millions of dollars in additional economic activity at inns, B&Bs, local stores and other small businesses.  In fact, in the depth of the recession tourism related tax revenue and economic activity was a stable source of funding for state government.

This is clearly an ugly abuse of legislative authority and a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the Democrat perspective on the economy. Vermont cannot afford to stifle economic activity and pro-growth policy reforms that reduce barriers to job creation and make Vermont more affordable.


While some Democrats bully businesses, others are focused on getting more taxpayer dollars to feather their own nests.

Rep. Alison Clarkson (D-Woodstock) proposed legislation this week that would add pay for legislators — when the Legislature is not even in session!  (You can read the bill as introduced by CLICKING HERE).  With Vermont’s middle class struggling, our small businesses fighting for survival and the Shumlin-Shap Smith Economy remaining stagnant after 6 years of a Democrat supermajoirty in Montpelier Vermont’s Democrats say they need a raise and should be paid more taxpayer dollars for work done in the off season — for a job that they volunteered for.

It would be far more appropriate for Vermont’s Democrat legislators to propose cutting pay for themselves as they ask mainstream, middle class Vermonters to tighten their belts and pay even higher taxes (therefore leaving less for their families) for the Democrats’ runaway spending in Montpelier.

With some Democrats using the power of their offices to threaten and bully our state’s businesses — and other Democrats trying to take more taxpayer dollars for their own personal wallets — Vermonters are wondering just how much further out of touch Montpelier Democrats can get.

It’s time for a change.