I want to express my deep personal appreciation for your support over the past 12-months. We will look back on Election Day 2014 as the date Vermont Republicans took our first step toward regaining prominence in our state.

Reversing a 14-year trend of losses, Vermont Republicans added 8 seats in the State House of Representatives and 2 in the State Senate.

Vermonters also strongly supported our Republican Lt. Governor Phil Scott with 62% of the vote. Our gubernatorial candidate, Scott Milne, is within 2,400 votes (1.26% of the popular vote) of two term incumbent Governor Peter Shumlin in a race that will ultimately be decided by the legislature in January.

Let’s be clear, these gains would not be possible without the steadfast and generous support of people like you.

With our momentum in Vermont growing, we need your help more than ever.

Vermont Republicans can continue the momentum gained this November by investing in our infrastructure. We need to begin recruiting and supporting candidates now for the 2016 campaign. We must spread our message of job and wage growth, and a more affordable Vermont, in order to bring balanced, commonsense state leadership that listens to all Vermonters.

This work has to start now to level the playing field with the far left Vermont Democrats. We need your help to keep moving forward and build on our successes!

Are you ready to join our team — or extend your level of commitment?

If so, I urge you make your donation of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more on-line today.  You can also send a check to my personal attention at the Vermont Republican Party at the address below.

Vermont Republicans
PO Box 70
Montpelier, VT 05601

The 2016 campaign is already underway!

Dave Sunderland
Chair, Vermont Republicans