Vermonters Need to Know About Minter’s Career-long Record of Voting for and Supporting New Taxes and Reckless Spending 

BERLIN, VT – Vermont Republican Party Executive Director Jeffrey Bartley issued the following statement on Sue Minter’s history of supporting tax increases in Vermont:

“As she has said for months, and was highlighted last week in her statements to WDEV, Ms. Minter would consider a tax on services[i], which as we – and others[ii] – pointed out, would include everything from childcare to snow plowing to haircuts. And this is just what she would admit to considering. She has repeatedly refused to rule out raising a broad based tax, when asked. And, now she wants us to believe that she’s only going to tax some services, like renting a limousine for a wedding.   She also promised to raise checking account and ATM transaction fees, in what she deceptively says is just a ‘franchise tax’ on the banks many Vermonters use.

“Despite her many efforts to evade questions on whether she’d increase taxes, Ms. Minter’s record clearly demonstrates her history of supporting more taxes on Vermonters. During her six years in the Vermont House of Representatives, she repeatedly voted for and supported legislation that made Vermont less affordable for Vermonters. A few examples:

— Raised income taxes: In 2009, Ms. Minter voted to increase income taxes on Vermonters by $26 million, at a time when most Vermonters were already facing extraordinary economic hardships due to the Great Recession[iii] [iv].

— Cut economic development spending: With her vote, and leadership on a key committee, the 2009 budget – which was vetoed by Gov. Douglas, only to be overturned by Ms. Minter and her colleagues – cut spending for economic development programs that would have positively impacted our economy, such as workforce development and training programs, which eliminated training opportunities for over 2,200 Vermontersiv. Worse, she stands by that vote today[v].

— Voted against lowering property taxes: In 2008, Minter voted against the Education Quality and Cost Control Act, which lowered property tax rates for all Vermonters[vi] [vii].

— Sponsored another increase in income taxes: She co-sponsored a bill in 2009 to impose an income surtax on middle-class Vermonters, hitting those who made as low as $46,700.00 annually (and higher)[viii]. Furthermore, that same year, Minter voted against an amendment that would have deleted another income tax surcharge[ix] [x]

“And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Like her Mentor, Peter Shumlin, her answers on taxes may be evasive, but make no mistake. Ms. Minter has made a career of increasing taxes on working Vermonters and she has no plan to stop. Meanwhile, Phil Scott voted against these measures and last week committed to vetoing any proposals that would implement a new tax on services. Vermonters cannot afford more taxes and fees, and Phil Scott is the only candidate for Governor that has promised not to add to Vermonters’ tax burden.”



[i] Sue Minter: “I will balance the budget. I will be a good steward of the people’s money. I will look at the economic impact of every spending and (revenue) raising decision… We have a tax code now, Mike, and you know this, that was really built around durable goods. And, now our economy – two thirds of it – is really a service sector economy…. We need to be thinking about the entire system.” (Source: WDEV Radio, Open Mike, Thursday, September 14, 2016)

[ii] Rob Roper, President, Ethan Allen Institute: “The Blue Ribbon Tax Commission (BRTC) recommendation Minter is referring to is expanding the state sales and use tax to cover services as well as goods — everything from paying legal fees to putting your child in day care, to plumbing and home repair, to getting a haircut would be subject to the sales tax, and all of those businesses would have to bear the new cost and hassle of collecting, tracking, and remitting the revenue to the state.” (Source: Times Argus, September 19, 2016)

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