Date: January 8, 2014


Statement from Vermont Republican Party Chairman David Sunderland Regarding Governor Shumlin’s State of the State Address

“While we applaud and share Governor Shumlin’s concern for the rampant drug problems in our state, we are disappointed that he neglected to also detail proposals for solutions to Vermont’s crisis of affordability and the many others issues that are impacting Vermonters.

Vermonters had hoped to hear some vision from the Governor about job creation to counteract our drastically declining workforce issues; there are 3,000 fewer Vermonters working now than there were during last year’s State of the State address.

Vermonters had hoped to hear some description of his plans to remedy the disastrous roll out of Vermont Health Connect and his ideas for repairing the myriad issues thrust onto Vermonters as a result; a lack of coverage and plan details for enrollees, costs of overtime and temporary workers to process paper applications, sky high deductibles, at least two personal data privacy breaches, deception from the Governor’s administration toward legislative committees, etc.

Vermonters had hoped to hear his plans for relieving the staggering and ever increasing burden of property taxes and his ideas for averting the 7­cent property tax hike proposed by his Tax Commissioner.

We want Vermonters to know that while Vermont Republicans look forward to ensuring our anti­drug programs are both comprehensive and administered more effectively than their health insurance exchange, we will also be providing leadership on the other important issues of the day. Our emphasis will be on making Vermont more affordable, families more secure and our economy stronger for current and future generations.”


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  1. Diana Hanks

    Jan 17, 2014  at 12:20 AM

    The proposed tax on insurance claims really angers me! We pay premiums on those insurance policies we carry, and when we need some reimbursement, it’s to cover a LOSS ! This should enrage Vermonters !
    Please announce a candidate to run against Schumlin! The sooner you get his name out, the better. We need to build a strong following for whom ever this may be.

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