Vermonters Deserve Real Change, Not More of the Same

Montpelier, VT – Vermonters have felt the sting of single party rule in Vermont for too many years.

They know that the policies championed by Governor Peter Shumlin, Rep. Shap Smith, Sue Minter and Matt Dunne have not improved Vermont’s economy or helped make our state more affordable for working Vermonters and their families.

Over the next thirteen months, we expect to watch each of the Democrat candidates try to distance themselves from the failed policies of the unbalanced, single party rule they’ve worked so hard to create and will work hard to preserve.

But they can’t escape their own records. Vermonters will not be fooled.

It doesn’t matter who the Democrat nominee for Governor is, the choice voters have is clear: Two more years of the same policies or change and progress.

Vermont Republicans are offering struggling Vermonters, working families, young people, senior citizens and our small business owners a new, pro-growth direction for our state.

It’s time for a change.