Montpelier, VT – It is more clear today than ever before.  Without a fundamental change in the way our leaders craft Vermont’s budgets, our state will continue to become more and more unaffordable for working families, seniors and young people.

Without a firm fiscal foundation, our economy will continue to be stagnant, our workforce will continue to decline and more Vermonters will become unemployed as overall employment continues it’s six year downward slide.

Vermont Democrats today pushed through the House of Representatives — which their majority has fully controlled for more than a decade — an irresponsible and poorly structured 2016 budget adjustment that again fails to enact the structural changes that are necessary to make our state more affordable for Vermonters.

While our state’s current general fund revenues are projected (not assured) to grow by only 3.8%, the general fund spending — including this 2016 budget adjustment bill — will grown by 5.3%.  Vermont Democrats again will resort to their tired Old Government tactics and use one-time funds to cover these ongoing gaps and unsustainable growth.

This is not responsible and it certainly doesn’t move Vermont toward a more affordable future.  Instead, it sets us up for continued deficits and higher taxes and fees on the shrinking workforce they will make shoulder them.

The Old Government ways of the Vermont Democrats are failing Vermonters.  It’s clear they do not have the will to change.

This November Vermonters will have a clear choice between more of the Democrat’s Old Government policies or a new vision for a more fiscally responsible state government and a more affordable Vermont.

It’s time for a change.  Please join us.