VTGOP Calls on Shumlin Administration to Stop Outsourcing Health Exchange Jobs to Nebraska

Montpelier, Vt. — Governor Shumlin’s Vermont Health Connect, the problem-ridden health exchange
portal, has been quietly outsourcing the processing of invoices and payments to a service in Nebraska
and the Vermont Republican Party is calling on Shumlin to stop shucking those jobs.

”The VTGOP has nothing against the Corn Husker state, but given the dismal job creation we’ve seen
under Governor Shumlin’s leadership, a Shumlin economy where costs are rising twice as fast as wages
and the expensive mismanagement of the healthcare exchange, the very least Governor Shumlin could
do is guarantee to Vermonters that those processing jobs will be done by a business here in Vermont,”
said VTGOP chairman David Sunderland.

“With New York state working aggressively to create more good jobs and new businesses on our western
border and New Hampshire electing not to force small businesses into a healthcare exchange, Vermont is
facing huge competition for jobs–and we’re falling further behind,” Sunderland continued. “To learn that
the Governor is knowingly allowing a contractor to outsource these jobs to another state should be
disconcerting to Vermonters who want to see more job opportunities, and a better economic growth
strategy, in our state.”

Sunderland also noted that Shumlin has assigned his top economic development official, Secretary of
Commerce Lawrence Miller, to oversee the floundering implementation of the healthcare exchange.

Sunderland said this move leaves Vermonters to wonder why the Secretary of the Agency of Human
Services — the agency responsible for the exchange — cannot fulfill his responsibilities, or even why he
still has a job.

”Starting the year by outsourcing your commerce secretary to prop up the failed leadership of another
agency that has outsourced the opportunity for some good jobs is not exactly what Vermonters would
consider sound economic development and job creation strategy, or sound government management,”
Sunderland said. “If Governor Shumlin is serious about the economic security of Vermont’s families, he
needs to reverse Vermont’s crisis of affordability and work to make his administration a real ally in the
growth of Vermont’s businesses instead of an adversary.”


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