Shumlin-Shap Smith Economic Policies of the Past STILL Not Growing Vermont’s Economy

Montpelier, VT – New economic data released today provides further evidence that the “let’s do what we’ve been doing” tax and spend economic policies of Governor Peter Shumlin, House Speaker Shap Smith and the Democrat majority are not stimulating Vermont’s economy, creating jobs, lifting wages or making Vermont more affordable for working families, young people or our seniors.

While spending the 2015 legislative session delaying, diluting and dismissing Vermont Republican proposals to jumpstart our economy and create new and expanded opportunities for unemployed and underemployed Vermonters, Governor Shumlin and Speaker Smith missed yet another opportunity to lead.

The new jobs report — issued by Vermont’s Department of Labor — tells the same story it has for the five years the Democrats have had complete control of state government: Our economy is stagnant, our contracted labor force isn’t growing and there remain thousands fewer Vermonters employed now than in January 2011 when Governor Shumlin was first sworn into office and the Democrats took control.

We fully expect that Governor Shumlin and his Democrats will continue to boast about Vermont’s “low” unemployment rate — while failing to be transparent enough to admit this rate is due more to the drastically reduced workforce in our state than to any perceptible growth in net job creation. In fact, if thousands of Vermont’s hadn’t fled the state’s labor force looking for opportunities elsewhere, Vermont’s unemployment rate today would be 6.5% — even higher than when Governor Shumlin first took office. That’s nothing to brag about — but yet, they do.

Their failed policies and lack of fiscal discipline impacts the lives of everyday Vermonters.

Vermont Republicans know that new leadership — and a new, more disciplined economic vision — is needed to bring the changes Vermonters want and deserve. With a commitment to listen to Vermonters and act on the issues that most matter to them, Vermont Republicans are ready to lead our state on a new path of prosperity and affordability. .

Real change is only going to happen in the voting booth in November of 2016. If you’re ready for leadership that listens, join us today!