Shumlin Administration Leads Legislature Into Even Deeper Budget Hole


Montpelier, VT –  It would be comical if it wasn’t so expensive.

Just when Vermonters thought the Democrat’s fiscally irresponsible one party rule couldn’t get any worse, it was revealed this week that their budget deficit is even larger than thought — and that the Shumlin administration not only knew about it, but also knowingly decided to do nothing about it.

Vermont Public Radio reported (Peter Hirschfeld, Surprise: $18 Million Omission Revealed To Legislators After Passing The Budget, Vermont Public Radio, September 29, 2015) that due to an apparent inability to count the number of days and weeks in a year, the Democrat’s failed to cover $18 million in ongoing costs for the Medicaid program.

Even more alarming is the revelation that Governor Shumlin’s office knew about the additional spending required but deliberately decided not to share that information with the Legislature.  

The VPR story cites a comment from Administration Secretary Justin Johnson in which he admits to withholding this critical information from the legislature, “Administration Secretary Justin Johnson says the administration was aware of the 53rd week well in advance of the last legislative session, but purposefully chose to omit it from the governor’s spending proposal.”  

Say what?

Vermonters want competence and accountability from their leaders — two principles that have been the victim of 14 years of Democrat control of the legislature and nearly 6 years of total Democrat control of state government.

It’s time for a change. Vermont Republicans are listening and we are ready to restore the balance that is necessary to lead our state forward in a new, more responsible, more accountable and more prosperous direction.

Join us.