Whereas: Vermont has had a 150 year tradition of sending their students to independent schools

Whereas in 93 towns—a little more than a third of Vermont’s towns—residents have chosen not to operate their own schools but instead pay tuition to allow students to go to any school of their choosing—private or public.

Whereas our independent schools are providing high quality, child centered education to our students

Whereas the Secretary of Education, Mr. Armando Vileseca, has issued a Report on Act 56 of 2013 to the Vermont legislature

Whereas Mr. Vilesca’s report proposes that the General Assembly pass legislation forbidding public schools from going private as the North Bennington school district did last year

Whereas Mr. Vilesca’s report proposes that the General Assembly pass legislation and the Board of Education pass rules that would bring independent schools under the complete control of the State Department of Education by imposing onerous regulations that have little, if anything, to do with quality education for each child

Whereas the Secretary’s proposals will have the effect of severely limiting our children’s access to independent schools, severely limit local control over our children’s education, and will likely result in the closing of many of our independent schools

Wherefore: we, the Vermont Republican Committee hereby resolve:

1. That our independent schools are a precious resource to our children and their parents

2. That our local communities and our parents have a vested interest in determining what education is best for our children

3. That changes in the Vermont statutes and regulations proposed The Vilesca Report  will have a profoundly adverse effect on the education of our children and should not be implemented

4. That if a local school district wishes to close its public school, and send its children to schools of their choice, whether independent or public, the school district should continue to be allowed to do so.

6. That this resolution be issued as a public document to be disseminated to the press and media

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