April 30. 2015
Contact: Rep. Don Turner

MONTPELIER – “In November, and in our conversations since, Vermonters have told us to rein in spending and work to make Vermont a more affordable place to live, work and raise a family,” said House Minority Leader Don Turner. “In the budget passed by the House in March, and now again in the budget in front of the Senate, we see Vermonters are not being heard. These budgets grow spending by almost 5 percent, which is two times the rate of economic growth, and increases taxes by over $33 million. Vermonters can’t sustain these types of increases and we fear this budget will lead to another large budget gap next year, making the tough decisions that much tougher. Vermonters deserve better.”

Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning stated: “The Republican Senate caucus met with the Joint Fiscal Office Wednesday night to review the Senate’s Appropriations and Revenue bills. We are extremely disappointed that the Senate proposals do not heed the pleas of Vermonters, who spoke quite loudly in the last election. Our spending continues on an unsustainable, upward spiral, while revenue demands extract even more taxes from Vermonters who were tapped out long ago. We are frustrated that the majority is either not listening to Vermonters or is simply unwilling to make the hard choices necessary to get Vermont’s budget in balance, and sustain that balance by spending and taxing responsibly — within our means. Until this pattern of overspending and overtaxing changes, it will be difficult to grow Vermont’s economy and provide Vermonters with confidence in their government.”