Inaugural Edition

Fellow Vermont Republicans, Concerned Independent and Centrist Democrats,

You’re not going to believe this…

In a forum today, Sue Minter defended the Democrats’ one party rule and record of unsustainable increases in spending, budget deficits and skyrocketing taxes.

In what can only be characterized as a profoundly out of touch statement, Minter justified unsustainable spending — and more than $300 million in new taxes in the last 6 years – by saying, “Yes, the projection of our economic forecasts have been off and we have adjusted every single budget to come in with a balanced budget,” Minter said.


“…the projections of our economic forecasts have been off…” ???

Well, that’s one way to put it.

And…”with a balanced budget…”  ???

Golly gee, I guess the skyrocketing taxes, higher prices and contracting workforce are all in your head.

Give us a break!  

Minter should’ve added, “…every fiscal year, for the last seven fiscal years, Democrats have had total control of Vermont’s state government…”  Then it might have been somewhere near credible.   It’s a particularly bizarre statement from someone who worked as a part time planner before she was given a full-time political appointment.

See Sue Minter’s unbelievable statements for yourself on this news report from

It’s time for a change that restores real balance and fiscal responsibility in Montpelier.  If you agree, get involved today.