Contact: David Sunderland, VT Republican Chair
Date: October 21, 2014

Shumlin Economy Worsens as Unemployment Rate Hits 11-Month High

Montpelier, VT – An additional one thousand Vermonters were added to the state’s unemployment roles last month, even as Governor Peter Shumlin and the leaders of his legislative supermajority continue to insist their failed policies are working. Meanwhile, Vermont’s working families struggle to make ends meet in a state that is increasingly unaffordable.

Vermont’s Department of Labor reported today that the number of employed Vermonters dropped by 1,000 last month driving the state’s unemployment rate to 4.4%, its highest level in 11-months. This is the fourth straight month of unemployment rate increases in Vermont.

There are now 3,600 fewer Vermonters working than when Governor Shumlin first took office in January 2011 and the size of Vermont’s workforce has shrunk by 9,800 workers in that same timeframe.

While Governor Shumlin and Democrat leaders continue to offer rosy and misleading rhetoric about a healthy economy, for most Vermonters the economy is improving too slowly, not at all or is getting worse.

What’s worse, Governor Shumlin and the Democrat supermajority in the legislature continue to refuse to address the worsening crisis.

After four years of a Shumlin administration and 6-years of a lopsided Democrat supermajority in the legislature, there is still no comprehensive statewide economic development plan, no initiatives to make our state more friendly to job creators and no effort to improve our state’s infrastructure that would help to foster growth in our economy.

It is clear the current leadership in Montpelier is unwilling — and unable — to put in place changes that will turn our economy around. It’s time for a change in leadership.

Vermont Republicans understand the damage that a failing economy does to seniors, working families, young people and small business owners. Over the past several months, we have listened to Vermonters of all political stripes in all corners of our state. We have heard their need for bold new leadership and for new ideas to address the challenges our state is facing.

With voters support on November 4th, we will bring that strong leadership to Montpelier. We will lead the discussion with new ideas to remove the obstacles to job creation, provide tax relief — including property tax relief — to struggling Vermonters, and ease our state’s crushing crisis of affordability.

With openness and transparency, Vermont Republicans will make the tough decisions and take the necessary steps to enable the creation of new jobs and new opportunities — and rising wages — for hard working Vermonters. Together we will get our economy growing again.

That’s the type of leadership Vermonters want and deserve.

It’s time for a change.