08 October 2013

Contact: Deborah Bucknam, Vice-Chair
Phone: (802) 535-7191


Vermont Republicans Urge National Leaders to Practice Vermont Civility


Vermont Democrats are fond of calling for civility in political discourse.  Over the past month, however, we have heard national Democratic leaders call Republicans blackmailers, terrorists with bombs strapped to their chests, arsonists, anarchists, all for the “crime” of not agreeing with the President of the United States.    Members of both parties want what is best for their fellow Americans.   We only disagree as to the means to achieve that end.   As Abraham Lincoln said, “We are friends, not enemies…”   The Vermont Republican Party calls on their friends and colleagues in the Vermont Democratic Party to urge their national leaders to practice Vermont civility, and respectfully engage with national Republicans in a dialogue, not in demonization.


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