Berlin, Vt. – Vermont Republican Party Executive Director Jeff Bartley today issued the following statement on the Democratic Governors Association’s (DGA) first advertising campaign in Vermont:

“It’s no surprise that a super PAC created by the Democratic Governors Association has entered Vermont’s campaign for Governor to principally serve as Peter Shumlin’s super PAC, working to redefine Shumlin’s record and defend the Shumlin legacy of higher taxes, out of control spending and mismanagement.

“Peter Shumlin and his super PAC know the only way to cover up the devastating economic impact and crisis of affordability left by six-years of one-party rule is to help elect Shumlin’s hand-picked protégé, Sue Minter.

“As the new ad campaign demonstrates, Shumlin’s super PAC intends to spend significant money to dupe Vermonters into electing a candidate in Shumlin’s own mold. One who will raise taxes and fees far faster than growth in the economy and our wages; who says ideological experiments are more important than the economic fundamentals and job creation; and who favors special interest groups over the interests of everyday working Vermonters.

“Vermonters know better. We are all ready for a Governor who listens and leads; who will make strengthening the economy and making Vermont more affordable Montpelier’s highest priorities; and who will ensure that state government doesn’t grow faster than our ability to pay for it.

“We’ve all seen and felt the damage caused by overspending on the backs of Vermonters over the last six years. We should all know that a candidate who is handpicked, groomed and voted for by Peter Shumlin will follow in his footsteps, and is, therefore, not the right choice for Vermont. We need a leader that will take Vermont in a better and more prosperous direction.”



Gov. Peter Shumlin served as the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association from 2012-2014, raising record amounts of special interest money. Shumlin’s former Chief of Staff is a paid consultant to the Democratic Governors Association and is advising the new PAC operating in Vermont.