April 1, 2014



Vermont Governor Shumlin Could Learn from Cuomo’s Example


Montpelier, Vt. — In stark contrast to the lack of direct action taken by Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin in several similar recent situations, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — through direct engagement and proactive effort — has rescued good jobs that were announced to be lost just two months ago.

In a report by WPTZ, Gov. Cuomo is quoted saying, “The news in January of Alcoa’s (Massena, NY) plans to deal with the global changes in the aluminum markets led to immediate discussions with Alcoa to avoid layoffs and keep Alcoa’s plans to modernize the East Plant on track,” said Cuomo. “This agreement achieves those objectives and applies firm job commitments that Alcoa must adhere to for its continued use of some of the lowest cost electricity in the country.”.

This is leadership in action. It is the result of a Governor who understands the importance of positive economic policies and who is willing to roll up his sleeves, engage with leaders of the business community, and work hard to save jobs that were once considered lost.

By contrast, Governor Peter Shumlin reacted to recent announced and potential job losses in Vermont by escaping to his private beach on a Caribbean island for a week long vacation — while the state legislature was in session — refusing to return to Vermont and fight

for those jobs.

Governor Cuomo understands that high costs — including electricity costs — are a major concern for employers and he took bold action to assure that Alcoa could be protected from them in New York.

In Vermont, Governor Shumlin’s policies have forced our state’s electricity costs to skyrocket since he took office. His tax policies make Vermont even more unaffordable for employers, and his threats of multi-billion dollar government run healthcare schemes are making our potential job creators even more nervous. As a result, Vermont jobs are lost for good — not rescued.

“Vermonters — especially the 700-plus Vermonters who have lost their jobs over the past several months — can look across Lake Champlain and see how jobs can be rescued and preserved through a Governor’s hard work and connection with employers and job creators,” said VTGOP Chair David Sunderland, “unfortunately, it seems we will likely never see that on our side of the lake while Governor Peter Shumlin is in office.”


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