Governor Shumlin’s appointment of Alyssa Schuren as Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) signals the administration’s intent to preserve, and perhaps enhance, regulatory barriers to job creation and economic growth.  By appointing Schuren — the spouse of the political boss of a far-left special interest group that advocates specifically on issues within DEC’s jurisdiction — Shumlin has knowingly created an unacceptable potential for the abuse of the regulatory authority of the department, the leaking of proprietary business information of regulated employers and special deals.

Here are some questions that require answers:

— Is Schuren going to recuse herself from every issue, every case, every proposed rule and every legislative discussion in which VPIRG has or may take a position?

— How, specifically, is Schuren going to preserve the right regulated employers have to fair and equal treatment?

— How can Shumlin and Schuren guarantee that no private or proprietary information of regulated employers will not purposely or accidentally be transferred to her spouse’s far-left activists or other leading opponents of economic growth and job creation?
These questions deserve answers.

But we are not going to hold our breath.

At this point, no Vermonter will be surprised to learn Peter Shumlin puts political deals with his allies ahead of the economic needs of everyday Vermonters.

It is just another consequence of years of one party rule — which is why we expect all of the prospective Democrat candidates for governor to remain silent on, or praise, this clearly problematic appointment.