Berlin, Vt. –  Sue Minter and the Vermont Democrat Party continue to unethically manipulate the truth regarding establishing new ethics laws in Vermont, Vermont Republican Party Executive Director Jeff Bartley said today.  

“Vermont’s voters should be concerned that Sue Minter and the Vermont Democrat Party continue to use desperate, cynical, misleading political tactics to distract from their failed economic and fiscal policies,” Bartley said.  “The fact is Democrats have had total control of state government for 6 years and spent two years dancing around an ethics bill (S.184), but in the end did nothing.  We believe Vermonters have a right to know the truth: if Vermont’s Democrats cared about ethics reform they would have passed a bill; and if Sue Minter cared about ethics she would have spoken out when her boss, Peter Shumlin, swindled a mentally disabled neighbor out of his home.”

Despite killing the legislation in committee, and refusing to speak out on Peter Shumlin’s ethical lapses, the fact that the Democrats and Minter are now stepping forward with empty political rhetoric to proclaim dependability on this issue, Bartley said.  

“If we’re wrong, the Democrats could easily produce committee testimony on S.184 or internal communication where Sue Minter – or any member of the Shumlin Administration, expressed concern over Peter Shumlin’s behaviors, or concerns about unethical activity during her short 8-month reign as Secretary,” Bartley added.

“It’s empty, memorized, phony, dishonest accusations and grandiose promises like what Sue Minter, Peter Shumlin and the Vermont Democrats have offered that is exactly what is wrong with America’s political process today,” Bartley concluded.  “Vermonters are ready for leadership that is honest about the scope of our challenges and that has a real plan to address them.  Phil Scott is that leader.”