Would Raise Spending Cap to Offset Outside Spending

Scott Milne made the following statement today in response to Vermont’s 42-year incumbent, Senator Patrick Leahy, citing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision to justify rejecting Milne’s Clean Campaign Pledge:

meet-scott-001I will not allow Sen. Leahy to shirk from a clean campaign pledge that memorializes the very policies he claims to support. Therefore, to accommodate Mr. Leahy’s concerns that this pledge would leave him defenseless against outside money, I will amend the Clean Campaign Pledge. Above the $250,000 spending cap I had offered, our campaigns can match any hostile outside spending by a factor of two to one.

Now that Sen. Leahy has no excuse, I look forward to him agreeing to this pledge. As Sen. Sanders and I have shown in our respective campaigns, the time for millions of dollars of special interest money in politics must come to an end. I am ready to lead by example.

Milne’s Clean Campaign Pledge is a three-point plan to voluntarily disinfect the Vermont U.S. Senate race from special interest influence. It includes a campaign spending cap of $250,000 for the remainder of the campaign, and would prohibit the acceptance of special interest PAC contributions to both campaign committees and leadership PACs. In order to accommodate Mr. Leahy’s concern that this pledge would leave him defenseless against outside money, today Scott Milne has allowed the $250,000 cap for either candidate to increase $2 for every $1 of outside money spent directly targeting that candidate.

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