Arrogance & elitism are byproducts of one-party rule

BERLIN, VT – Vermont Republican Party Executive Director Jeffrey Bartley issued the following statement in response to the Vermont Democrat Party’s wildly hypocritical, outrageously shallow and alarmingly elitist claims[1]:“The Vermont Democrat Party’s comments to Seven Days’ reporter Paul Heintz last week illustrated the incredible hypocrisy behind the Democrat’s latest attempt to cover up the economic and financial impacts of one-party Democrat rule in Montpelier and their incredibly arrogant belief that their candidates – Democrats at all levels – are somehow exempt from the standards they disingenuously and dishonestly pretend to be fighting for.

“Their outrageously hypocritical attack is exactly what is wrong with politics in America today and could not be further from real Vermont values.  And that they thought they could get away with it speaks to just how little they think of all voters.

“As the recent Seven Days article illuminates, it is the height of hypocrisy to question the campaign donations of Republicans when Democrat candidates in Vermont have received well more than 4-times the money from many of the same corporate donors they are trying to vilify. For example, one donor they cited has donated 4-times more to the VDP, the Vermont House Democrats, and Governor Shumlin than they donated to Phil Scott.[2] [3]

“And just like Sue Minter’s mentor Peter Shumlin in the past, Minter has received the lowest percentage of total donations from Vermonters in this gubernatorial race[4] at the same time her party is misleading attacking Republicans.

“The Vermont Democratic Party must enjoy the view from its glass house and adjoining ivory tower.  Their arrogance is another demonstration of the toxicity of one-party rule, and of the political tone that frustrates voters and makes it more difficult to build consensus.

“For years we have heard repeatedly from Vermonters of all parties that the policy priorities of the current Democrat leadership and its super-majority in the legislature have made Vermont unaffordable for working families. This is why Phil Scott has made addressing the affordability crisis and growing Vermont’s economy his top priorities. In contrast, Sue Minter, Phil’s Democrat opponent spent tens of thousands of out of state dollars pledging to make reducing second amendment rights her highest priority.

“Candidates and parties that do not understand that the economy and affordability are the real priorities of the people of the state, then they are clearly not listening.

“If you believe it’s time to restore balance and accountability in Montpelier.  If you believe it’s time to elect leaders who listen to Vermonters living paycheck-to-paycheck. If you think Vermont’s economy and state government is at an important economic crossroads, then join candidates like Phil Scott and Randy Brock and, as Phil says, ‘we’ll do it the Vermont way.’”

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[4] According to disclosure filings with the Secretary of State, Minter has raised $462,970.96 from out of state donors and a total of $1,159,498.26, which equates to an in-state donation percentage of just 60.1%, compared to Phil Scott’s in-state percentage of 88%.