October 7, 2015

Dear Vermont Republican,

My name is Hayden Dublois. I am a Vermont Young Republican. I’m a junior at Middlebury College, where Republican ideas are few and far between. A far-left perspective dominates the political dialogue on campus. For years, Republicans have been in the minority at Middlebury and colleges across the state.

But that is starting to change.

Just over the past few months, we’ve seen a spike in interest from Young Republicans all throughout the state. Young individuals living in Vermont are beginning to recognize the uncertain future stemming from Montpelier’s far-left policies. They understand that the tax-and-spend approach of the Democratic super-majority stagnates economic growth and places a huge burden on future generations. Many young Vermonters are experiencing first-hand the affordability crisis and high cost of living in Vermont. Unfortunately, it sends the wrong message to our state’s future generations.

That’s why myself—and many others—have become involved in the Vermont Republican Party. In fact, over the last month, the Middlebury College Republicans alone have signed up more than 60 new members. We’re all taking steps to ensure a brighter and more affordable future for future generations. That starts with fostering a party that is inviting and supportive to young Republicans.

The Vermont Republican Party has been a generous partner in helping further our efforts. This Friday, they have offered to transport more than a dozen College Republicans to and from the Fall Harvest Dinner with Governor John Kasich. It’s opportunities like these which inspire Young Republicans to engage and interact with our party, for the betterment of our state’s future.

Will you contribute to help pay for the bus and tickets the VT GOP is providing to Young Republicans? I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are appreciative of any support you provide.

Over the coming year, we hope to continue to strengthen our College Republicans and Young Republicans organizations by growing our membership, networking with other Vermont Republicans, and providing opportunities for future Republican leaders.

I hope you’ll join and support us in this endeavor.

Hayden Dublois
Co-President of the Middlebury College Republicans