Here is the vote explanation giving this morning on the amendment to H.510 – The Transportation Bill by Asst. Minority Leader Rep. Brian Savage of Swanton:

Vote Explanation – H.510
Mr. Speaker,

As we are all aware our transportation infrastructure is the heart and soul of our economy and our State. We should not neglect it nor should we short change our other obligations to pay for it.

I appreciate the hard work of the Transportation Committee, they have worked long and hard, many hours in offering this amendment this morning.

However I cannot support this bill because I cannot support some of the choices to fund this bill. Many of my constituents and over 13000 other Vermonters have expressed their opposition to the increase in the gas tax and now the diesel tax.

Working Vermonters again will be the brunt of this choice to raise the gas and diesel taxes. Our small businesses along the NH and MA borders are already at a significant disadvantage and this will make it worse.

Being the voice of opposition doesn’t mean that I am the voice of “NO”. It obligates me to bring legitimate alternatives or choices to the debate.

I feel that we have done this during the debate on this bill. For that I want to thank my caucus for their efforts, the agency and their employees for their work, the committee and the member from Colchester who chairs the committee and especially all of the members of this body for their understanding of this process and for your thoughtful and respectful debate.

Thank you.

Rep. Brian Savage
Seat # 111

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