March 17, 2014




Barely Focused on His Job


Montpelier, Vt. —  Governor Shumlin has set sail on yet another Caribbean vacation–in the middle of a legislative session and just one week from a political fundraising tour across the country.  Meanwhile, Vermont communities are still reeling from the loss of 143 good paying jobs in Bennington County when Plasan Carbon Composites moved those jobs to Michigan, and from the 140 jobs lost in Chittenden County at IBM less than three weeks ago, and from the 419 jobs lost at IBM just last summer.

Continuing the worrisome trend, late last week WCAX reported that another approximately 100 jobs could be lost in the very near future at the Kennametal manufacturing plant in Lyndonville.  While the plant currently remains open, there are strong indications that closing the plant — and eliminating the 100 good paying Northeast Kingdom jobs there — is being carefully considered by the company as a cost saving measure.  In a statement reported by WCAX, the company said it could save $2.2-million by closing its operation in Lyndonville (Shelby Cashman, Lyndonville plant closure could be an economic blow for the NEK, March 14, 2014,

VTGOP Chairman David Sunderland said it is clear our state’s economy is in crisis and Governor Shumlin isn’t  focused on creating more and better paying jobs for Vermonters.  Instead he’s busy  jetsetting around the nation raising millions of dollars so he and other politicians can keep their jobs or setting sail to the Caribbean island where he owns property.

“Vermonters are very concerned about the Shumlin economy and the lack of a comprehensive economic development and job creation plan from this administration and the Democrat majority in the legislature,” Sunderland said.  “Vermonters incorrectly assume that their Governor is engaged in a productive way with the entire business community — not just those that donate to him or his party —  and is fighting to save existing jobs and implementing real pro-growth policies that will create new ones.  Unfortunately, he is not.  Instead, at this very moment — with hundreds of good jobs on the line and in the middle of a legislative session  — Governor Shumlin is once again vacationing on his private sandy beach in the Caribbean. Vermonters deserve better.”

Sunderland said it’s time for Governor Shumlin to “pull his head out of the beach sand” and realize that he has done nothing to get Vermont out of its economic crisis and Vermonters are hurting because of this lack of leadership.

“Instead of working on his tan in the Caribbean sun, he needs to get to work in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont immediately and begin talks with the leadership of Kennametal to discuss saving these valuable, good paying jobs — if its not too late.”

Chairman Sunderland also urged the Governor to pledge to Vermonters that he would remain in Vermont — within its borders — until these jobs are saved and until the other job losses that have occurred under his watch have been recovered.

“While these job losses have hit Vermont, our Governor has been travelling on political fundraising trips and personal vacations to places like Las Vegas, Boston, Connecticut, Washington D.C — and now the Caribbean island of Dominica.  What he should be doing is focusing on the urgent work that he was elected to do right here in Vermont — growing our state’s economy, removing barriers to job creation and working to make Vermont more affordable for working families,” Sunderland said.


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