Concerns About Administration’s Competence Continue

Montpelier, VT – In what he described as the biggest disappointment of his political career, Governor Shumlin announced yesterday that he is abandoning his plans for a $2.2 billion government run, taxpayer funded, single payer health care plan for 2015. A plan he spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on — for no meaningful result.

While this is a relief to small business owners and working families across our state, many deep concerns about the Shumlin administration — and their frequently irresponsible, politically motivated and secret plans — remain.

Until yesterday, Governor Shumlin has said his greatest disappointment in office was the failed Vermont Health Connect — the state’s still malfunctioning health insurance exchange. As the list of his disappointments — and failures — in office continues to grow, Vermonters are concerned about what may be next.

Evidence of incompetence, mismanagement, irresponsible fiscal leadership and questionable ethics grows stronger everyday.

With a still stagnant economy and no real job or wage growth, Shumlin’s unsustainable increases in the cost of state government, out of control property taxes and skyrocketing energy costs are all ample justification for Vermonters’ lack of confidence in Governor Shumlin and the Democrat controlled Legislature.

Just days after the election, the Democrats in the Legislature even proposed a massive new gasoline tax to raise even more tax dollars to fund their latest energy scheme and line the pockets of the big energy elites.

Even after the will of Vermont’s voters was clearly expressed, they refuse to listen. Left to their own devices, the list of Democrat tax and fee increases won’t end there as they continue their march toward even bigger and more costly state government, more subsidies and deals for the big business allies and an even less affordable Vermont for small businesses and middle class working families.

Vermonters deserve leadership that listens to Vermonters and works non-stop on resolving the most pervasive challenges facing our state today.

Vermont’s recently elected Republican leaders will be their voice for common sense solutions to these challenges. Working together, and with commonsense Democrats and Independents, they will offer the solutions Vermonters deserve and Vermont’s economy requires. Their top priorities will be stimulating Vermont’s stagnant economy, encouraging job growth and reversing the crippling crisis of affordability — including holding the line on taxes and fees and containing the cost of state government.

At the end of the day, addressing these challenges will require the support of Governor Shumlin and the Democrats who have controlled the Legislature for 6 years. We hope they share our desire for change — because Vermonters cannot afford more of the same.