Shumlin’s Double Take Doubletalk

Governor Shumlin: “(My budget) invests in areas critical to our most vulnerable and to our future job growth, while rejecting broad-based tax increases on hardworking Vermonters.”

(Source: Vermont.gov, Governor Shumlin’s 2014 Budget Address, January 15, 2014)

“When a Governor makes a promise, you should be able to take it to the bank. But with Governor Shumlin, it’s more like you’re getting taken to the cleaners. In his budget address he claims “broad based” taxes on Vermonters — who are already struggling in one of the most highly taxes states in the country — would not be increased to pay for programs and services he can’t even verify are getting the desired results. What the Governor isn’t telling us is that, within just the last few months, he and his team have proposed two massive new tax increases the burden of which will fall on nearly ever Vermonter.”

— Brent Burns, Political Director, VTGOP

“In her letter to lawmakers last month, (Governor Shumlin’s Tax Commissioner Mary) Peterson recommended that the (statewide property tax) rate increase by 5 cents per $100 of assessed property value. In a memo sent on Friday, she issued a correction: There was an error in the original calculation that could push the rate to 7 cents.

(Source: vtdigger.org, Anne Galloway, Additional 2 Cents on Top of 5 Cent Rate Increase Already Reported, December 17, 2013, emphasis added)


But a massive statewide property tax increase does not seem to be enough for Governor Shumlin. He also wants to DOUBLE the tax on every Vermonter’s health care claims and send the extra money to the Democrat controlled legislature in Montpelier!


“Now, for the second year in a row, the Shumlin administration wants to double the health care claims tax — to 1.6 percent — to raise an additional $14 million in fiscal year 2015.

(Source: Rutland Herald, Neal P. Goswami, Health Care Claims Tax Eyeballed, January 31, 2014, emphasis added)


…and if you think a health care claims tax won’t be felt by working Vermonters…


“Susan Gretkowski, senior government affairs strategist for MVP Health Care, said raising the tax will mean higher insurance premiums. ‘From our perspective, obviously it’s passed on straight through premiums. We’re looking for ways to try to keep costs as low as possible and this is just going to increase

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costs. I think that’s the critical thing, that it’s going to increase costs for consumers,’ she said.

(Source: Rutland Herald, Neal P. Goswami, Health Care Claims Tax Eyeballed, January 31, 2014, emphasis added)


Tax hike doubletalk is not what Vermonters want or deserve.

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  1. Leela

    Feb 06, 2014  at 4:00 AM

    And WHAT exactly are you elected Republican officials DOING about it?! Stop merely informing us of these atrocities committed by the Governor, and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! FIND YOUR BALLS AND FIGHT BACK! I am so sick and tired of having castrated representatives in office. I have been paying attention and I will be voting against any lazy and/or self-serving government official I can!

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