Governor Shumlin and House Speaker Shap Smith Have No Plan, But Vermont Republicans Do

Montpelier, Vt. –  This week we have separated fact from political fiction and half truths.  We have dispelled the most misleading rhetoric and identified the honest truth of Vermont’s economic crisis using data reported by Vermont’s own Department of Labor.

Despite controlling the Governor’s office for more than four years with legislative control of the budget making process for 6-years, Vermont’s Democrats have presided over a period of economic stagnation at best — and more than likely their economic policies are causing further decline.

When faced with these facts, Governor Shumlin and House Speaker Shap Smith have yet to offer a comprehensive economic development plan for our state.  Instead, they choose to offer political spin based on cherry picked data from their own economic reports.  This strategy is not working, it is not creating jobs for Vermonters and it is not easing our state’s worsening crisis of affordability.

Vermont Republicans are leading an effort to restore real economic growth in our state and reform policies that increase the cost of living.  By offering legislation to encourage growth in the information technology, software development and data services sector;  provide relief from property taxes; get Vermont’s health care reform efforts back on track; and standing up for working families and businesses by opposing higher payroll and beverage tax hikes,  we are giving a voice to overburdened and struggling working class Vermonters and small business owners.