Vermont’s Workforce is Shrinking at an Unsustainable Rate

When Governor Shumlin first took office in January 2011 with the full support of House Speaker Shap Smith and a Democrat supermajority in the Legislature, Vermont’s workforce was 359,950 workers strong.  Remember, this was near the depth of the Great Recession and things were seemingly at their worst.

Since then, the number of Vermonters who have left the state to find a job, have completely given up hope of finding a job, or have retired and were not replaced by younger workers entering the workforce has skyrocketed.

By the end of 2014 — after 4 years of one party rule (and 6 years of a supermajority) — Vermont’s workforce had sunk to 352,250.  

That’s a loss of 7,700 workers.

Vermont Republicans understand that a healthy, vibrant economy will grow our state’s workforce, provided new and better opportunities for middle class families and support the needs of new and existing businesses.

It’s time for a change.