Republican Proposed Sustainable Spending Would Have Created a Budget Surplus

Montpelier, VT – Democrats have had exclusive legislative control of our state’s fiscal and economic policies for six years.  Governor Shumlin and his majority in the legislature have had ample opportunity to show they understand the burden their taxing and spending decisions are placing on working Vermonters.  In fact, despite more than ample time and opportunity, they’ve failed to manage state spending, revitalize Vermont’s economic policies or even manage the day-to-day obligations of state government. 

Our state now faces a budget shortfall in the coming year of about $112-million and Vermonters are already overwhelmed with rising energy costs and unsustainable property taxes.

Vermont Republicans offer a more productive plan and are holding Democrats accountable for their irresponsible budgeting and ineffective management.

Given the opportunity by voters in November 2016 to bring balance to Montpelier — our policies will help Vermont achieve a pro-growth economic development strategy that:

  1. Retains and creates more, better paying jobs;
  2. Reverses the crisis of affordability;
  3. Energizes our spirit of economic innovation; and
  4. Restores the social safety net.

Reviving our stagnant economy and jump starting Vermont’s job creating engine will not happen by itself.  Solutions to the economic challenges that Vermonters face everyday will not spring up from sweet sounding rhetoric and political platitudes.

Vermont needs leadership that first listens and then sees our state’s challenges for what they are.  Then, Vermonters need their leaders to act decisively with boldness and courage to tackle these challenges head-on.

This is exactly the type of leadership that Vermont Republicans are bringing to Montpelier.  Already, Republicans in the legislature have offered bold new legislation that opens new channels for job growth and economic expansion in Vermont.  

Vermont Republicans are leading the fight to restore balance and common sense in Montpelier; and a thriving, innovative 21st Century economy that moves all Vermonters forward.

It’s time for a change.

Help us shine a light on the economic reality of families throughout Vermont.  Help us advocate for real changes that will grow the economy, create more good jobs, and ease our state’s crisis of affordability.  

To make the necessary change — to move Vermont’s economy forward — we need your help!

If you’re a commonsense Vermonter who cares about the future of our state, join us in the effort to restore balance in Montpelier.

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