Last week, Vermont Republicans shined a bright light on our state’s real, systemic job crisis — some hard data that makes Governor Shumlin and his majority very concerned. Unfortunately, their concerns aren’t for the impacts their stale policies are having on working, middle class families and the many Vermonters entrenched in poverty. No. They are concerned about preserving their total control of state government and, of course, getting themselves re-elected.

During a Vermont Public Radio interview last week, Governor Shumlin doubled down on his rosy economic evaluations. When challenged about Vermont’s economy he said, “We’re making some real progress” and “Vermont is a great place to….do business.” There’s a word for that: Denial.

We see Vermont’s economy the same way middle class Vermont families see it and the way our seniors, young people and small business owners feel it.

Each day this week, we’ll take a look at what the real data — apart from the political spin — tells us about Vermont’s economic health.

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704 Vermont Employers Surveyed Disagree with Governor Shumlin’s Rosy Statements about Vermont’s Economy

According to a Gallup poll released just last week, Vermont was tied for 8th in a ranking of the worst job creating states in the nation in 2014. Vermont was also ranked among the bottom 10 states in 2013.

Click HERE to Read the Gallup Poll for Yourself!

While Governor Shumlin chooses to cherry pick data and promote half truths, this independent non-partisan survey tells the true story without the political spin — the tired policies of the past aren’t working, our economy is not growing and Vermonters are hurting.

It’s time for a change.