Fellow Republican,

Tomorrow is the Primary Election and our first step to restore balance in Montpelier. Please make sure you go out and vote! When you do, cast your vote for the many fine candidates we have running this year on the Republican ticket!

If you aren’t sure where you polling location is, click here.

The VT Republican State Committee supported candidates are:

Steve Berry
Scott Milne

Phil Scott

Shane McCormack – Shane is a write-in candidate. You will need to write in
Shane McCormack in the blank slot for Attorney General.

Mark Donka
Donald Nolte
Donald Russell

If you have any questions, please call the Vermont Republican Party Headquarters at (802) 223-3411.

Working together, we can and we will restore balance and transparency to Montpelier. Please vote for our Republican candidates already on the ballot and write-in Shane McCormack for Attorney General.


Dave Sunderland
Vermont Republican State Committee

P.S. Help us give early support to our Republican candidates by donating today!