“On October 1 we launched the Freedom and Unity Plan and shed light on the Democrat Super Majority for failing to address the important issues facing Vermonters while their party has controlled the legislature. Vermont Democrats have had over 6 years to bring relief to struggling Vermonters on property tax, health care reform, education funding and the like. The Democrat leadership touts food labeling as their major accomplishment, but have had no success at trying to get to the core of issues we are hearing loud and clear are most important to Vermonters.

“We will take some credit for helping Democrat suddenly realize that Vermonters are demanding relief. In less than three weeks Vermonters have a great opportunity to bring balance to Montpelier and elect Republican candidates from a very diverse and talented pool of people who stepped up to make a difference. We are glad that the Democrat majority has finally opened their eyes to the crisis of affordability facing our state and struggling families. We will do our best to participate in a healthy process that includes solution oriented thinking that will make a real difference in Vermonter’s lives.”